About Us

MARINE CARGO BUREAU (MCB) is one of the leading Russian companies specialized in safe overseas shipping services. MCB was established in St.Petersburg in 1992. We have representatives in all sea ports of Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia with a staff of over 200 employees.

MCB fully conforms to all standards for the recognized organizations acting on behalf of the Administration and stipulated in RO Code (IMO Code for recognized organizations).

MCB is recognized by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) to work with solid bulk cargo (including cargo which may liquefy) for sampling, testing and issuing the certificates on the transport cargo characteristics at loading, declarations and references of sampling for assessment of the cargo parameters.

We conduct activities to ensure compliance by the shipping market operators with the international and national regulations on safety overseas carriage of dangerous, solid bulk and general cargoes, define the cargo characteristics and properties, issue declarations and certificates, perform container weighing and are recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as a competent institution.

We have test laboratories for testing dangerous cargo and its packaging. Our test labs allow checking all containers, qualitative parameters of cargo, including coal and fuel pallets. Furthermore, our testing centers have unique equipment for testing all cargoes to ensure their safety overseas carriage. We have leading positions in the market for safe DRI (direct recovery iron) shipping and perform testing of the cargo selfheating and combustion parameters.

Cargo and shipping documentation, declarations, references, and certificates issued by MCB are accepted by the ship and port masters for decision making on ship delivery to loading piers and/or granting the permit for the loaded ship departure from the port.    

For many years, MCB has been a member of the Scientific Councils of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, participates in research and development studies, in particular, in the partnership with Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping. As a member of Russian delegation, we regularly participate in meetings of the IMO UN’s Safety Navigation Committee and the Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers.

MCB is an expert company (RusAccreditation) engaged in auditing the legal entities and entrepreneurs to control their conformance with safety regulations for overseas cargo carriage. We provide independent survey services, including bunker survey and draft survey. Besides, we are among the developers of the national draft survey regulations.

We offer the efficient and high quality services for safety marine cargo shipping. Among our clients are large enterprises of metallurgical, wood processing, oil refining and chemical industries, as well as small forwarding, private shippers and cargo owners from all regions of Russia. Our highly qualified and experienced staff, the most respectful and benevolent attitude to our customers allow us to continuously expand our customer base, and reach new safety overseas shipping markets.