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Survey Services

MCB offers a range of survey services:  

  • Draught survey for bulk (solid bulk) cargo – defining the cargo weight based on the ship draft level;
  • Sampling the bulk cargo for testing its physical, mechanical and chemical properties;
  • Lashing and securing survey for general cargo with the issuance of the Document on safe stowage and securing of cargo on board;
  • Lashing and securing survey for general cargo in CTUs (cargo transport units) with the issuance of the Certificate of Safe Stowage and Securing of Cargo in CTU;
  • Ultrasonic weathertightness test of hatch covers, doors, ventilation flaps etc;
  • Pre-loading inspection;
  • Loading supervision;
  • Surveyor attendance during the cargo inspection (veterinary, customs inspection, etc.);
  • Survey auditing during the container transfer from ship / unloading;
  • Cargo damage and loss survey

For more information regarding Survey Service and location of representatives, please visit a page of Expertise Agency

Recognition certificate

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